How much money will you make?

Let us do the math, let us tell you how much money is going to hit your bank on the next paycheck, you work hard as it is, you don't really need to worry about any "tax-brackets" or "social-security-tax-rate".

Answer questions like:

How would my paycheck look like if...
  • I accepted a job with a yearly salary of X?
  • I received a raise of X dollars per hour?
  • I moved to X city?
  • I worked X hours of overtime this week?
  • I increased my 401k contribution by X percentage?

Deductions and overtime

Do you work multiple shifts, each with different rates? Do you contribute to a 401k? Do you live in Alaska? Do you have 14 children? We do that too.

Let us help you with your budget

Know how much money will be there at the end of the week.
Will you be able to order that extra queso tonight?

Send us an email with any questions or suggestions!